Catherine (France)(non-registered)
So beautiful, so poetical... I love your work. I took some pics to put them into my Pinterest, with your full name so that you can be more known here in France.
David Sandquist(non-registered)
Very nice additions.
Karen Kolzow Buell(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures!! I always look forward to your Christmas card. Now I have another place to connect!!
Louann Thomas(non-registered)
Bev - so glad you are making your amazing photos of Central Oregon available to everyone - have enjoyed seeing these in your home! You are so talented!
Cindy Rowley(non-registered)
Bev, these pictures are amazing! You have a fantastic eye for capturing the beauty that surrounds us in central Oregon in a wonderfully creative way. Anxious to see more. Cindy Rowley
Debbie Hill(non-registered)
Bev, these are fabulous pictures! I knew you took "historical" pictures for Awbrey Glen, but had no idea how talented you are! WOW!
Dean Christner(non-registered)
Hi Aunt Bev! I love your work! SO glad you got your website up and running - thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be hanging your work in my home - can't wait!
Amanda Somdal
Bev! The pictures are stunning! I love how the pictures with the flowers and landscape look. You are very talented photographer.
Brian Gomez
It's wonderful to see you taking off with your new website. So glad to see you sharing such wonderful works with the world.
Steve Dennis(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures Bev - we sure do miss you guys.
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