I get excited when I have a camera in my hands; I just love the way it feels and what it can help me create. The resulting image can start by a preconceived idea, a new technique I'm trying, or sometimes it just happens because I’m in the right place at the right time, camera in hand. I push the envelope both when I take the initial capture as well as in post production, as you can see in a number of my images.

Living in Bend, Oregon with my husband and German Shepherd Shasta, I find Central Oregon to be a fascinating and exciting area for outdoor photography. The photographic options are limited only by the amount of time you want to spend behind the camera.

I have been involved with photography for 24 years, and I have been fortunate to have mentors along the way. One in particular who helped me continue to see the excitement of photography at a time I was ready to give up. She succumbed to Leukemia a few years back, but I often hear her whisper, spurring me on to try something new, something different. I’m thankful for my friends and instructors who, by comments and critiques, continue to help me fine tune what I see and how to express it.

My website will change as I get new inspirations and ideas, please continue to visit and see what new images develop from pushing the envelope. I hope you enjoy these images.